Recently graduated from high school.. Still trying to figure out what to do with my life.. LOL
In the meantime, let's watch some TV Shows! :D Peace, love and lol. -Asian boy from Vienna. :3
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TV Ratings Report: Not Very Golden

I might be going out on alimb as I don't know how exactly the calculations are made but AFAIK the ratings are more important than the amount of viewers and 1.8 is below CBS's standard & quite low for a series premiere.


Dr. Thomas dies or gets fired --> Cristina goes back to Seattle.

Revenge Sneak Peek: Hugging It Out

Why isn't it Sunday yet? -____-

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1x19 Crystal - 2nd blackwell child revealed!

I also think its Melissa.. Faye would be too obviousCan't believe we have to have another 3 weeks for the episode.

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The Other Child of John Blackwell

Well, I guess I need to take my theory back because after watching 1x17 "Curse" Eva turned out to be a normal human .. >_<

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Adam & Cassie or Cassie & Jake

i used to ship for Adam & Cassie but with the curse thing going on now? I'm not sure about that anymore..

And Jake? I'll admit he's handsome and all but I still think the show should have casted someone with more than just one face expression ..


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