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Under the Dome Review: An Evil Man

Gerry Seatle
September 10th, 2013 2:17 PM
I sure was ticked when I went to view my recording of the last episode and found the last half of it missing! How does this happen? Gerry...US Open tennis was on last night and ran a bit over so all the shows were pushed back. You probably set the recording to end at the normal time.

Game of Thrones Review: Battle Scars

I had been hoping for a bit more action, but in hindsight, I thought maybe it needed to go slowly at first to get everyone back in the game. I have read all the books, and was expecting more. But as any reader of Martin knows, patience is a requirement, since we do have to wait YEARS between books!


The episode was ok, but somewhat anti-climactic. I think the worst part was the incessant commercials and AMC's self promoting every few minutes, bombarding us with reminders of their other shows. If we got 30 minutes of TWD we were lucky. Still a loyal fan, but pretty disappointed in the season finale.