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When Will Meredith and Derek Have a Baby?

i've been chasing this drama for 6 years like mad and my friend too!! we talk like crazy over it! fight over merder and burkchris but she stop at season 4and5 (bit boring)anyway i've seen how the characters grown how i grow with them!! and i'm totally mer der no.1 fan 98% no!! not going to continue watching!! if they are not there cause mostly its their show sobsss.....and 2% yes to support bailey, christina, kim raver haha and NO!! to mcgeorge or mcizzie haha its weird!!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 224

Richard : I still cant solve the problem between me and Adele?? sigh
Derek : Me too.
Richard : WHAT!! You are sleeping with my wife?? When?

Coming to Grey's Anatomy: The Dream House!

cant wait to see how the house will look like?? too bad there is no mcbaby!!