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The Vampire Diaries Review: A Time to Kale

You're Katherine hate is lame! Everyone loves her! Everyone is concerned about her fate, please stop trying to attempt to show you represent the majority of the fandom. I agree this was one of the lamest midseason finales though!


1. Katherine's suicide attempt and Stefan's comment after saving her
2. YES! Statherine woot woot!
3. Jesse, died sooner than I expected!
4. Kinda
5. Never tried it..


1. opening scene with Silas! Lol! "I love love"
2. Silas, maybe Tessa
3. Ask yourselves, WAS SHE REALLY GONE?! -___-' Hope atleast they stop abusing the character and make her happy for once!
4. Lol enough with the doppelgängers
5. More Jomo is always a bonus! :)

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Is that dp from that Turkish Drama Rym? That girl can act and is gorgeous!

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Remembering Kol , I wish you where here....

Cant wait for him to get back this ep

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OT: Daenerys Stormborn

I love Dany and Book three was my favourite book! Hopefully the TV Series will do her justice!

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