obsessed with greys. cried when chuck ended. concerned for the obama marriage. worships Shonda Rhimes. thinks Caskett is adorably awesome. mourns the death of Firefly. has a thing for Harvey Spector. in awe of Sherlock. kind of follows TVD. has had enough of HIMYM. barely tolerates TBBT. getting tired of bones&booth. enjoys the jackassery of patrick jane. finds the rawness of GOT enthralling. should not be spending this much time on television.

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Grey's Anatomy Review: Bright and Shiny

@Ally it was during season 7 (the 3rd episode if im not mistaken) when amelia comes to seattle grace. there derek refers to her as "Amy" and she says that he is the only on allowed to call her that. so im pretty sure that amy and amelia are the same. and im also guessing that they cant have amelia popping up in greys without orchestrating another grey's anatomy-private practice crossover.

The Mentalist Review: See Jane Run

You know when Lorelai first said "I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands." I was shocked that Jane didnt respond to it. I was sure that I wasnt the only that picked up on it. But I love this so-called 'twist' as Jane is now going to question every single relationship he has in his life. Even the close ones. Should be fun.


what did meredith say just before arizona starts yelling?