Bernadette: I've actually been thinking I'm going to hyphenate: Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.
Penny: Nice. You know, you should totally get Bernadette Maryann before someone snaps it up.
Bernadette: Howard already took are of it. Plus he set up our beautiful wedding website with cute little facts about our family histories. Do you know for a while, in Poland, my family and his family were neighbors.
Penny: Aww, that's cool.
Amy: No, it's not. I'll explain it to you later.

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Pols and Jews were both prisoners in the Birkenau concentration camp during WWII


Rostenkowski-wolowitz sounds like a polish jew name, and it's hard to say and write.


An example of an overly long domain name used as quick gag, it also sets up a hilarious Holocaust reference a little later in the scene.


I'm confused too - since it was revealed later in the show that Bernadette is supposed to be of Polish ancestry (and not German, which would make this joke make more sense) then what is this supposed to mean?


WWII, Auschwitz


I'm confused as to what this is implying. Can someone explain?

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Penny: Why should I worry?
Leonard: Well, I don't know. It's a bachelor party, there could be strippers. Wouldn't that make you a little jealous?
Penny: Come on, Leonard, it's you. What's gonna happen? I mean, even if there was a stripper, all you'd do is avoid eye- contact and offer to help her kid with his homework.

You don't want strippers? You're the king of strippers. That one club in North Hollywood named a pole after you.