Dave: You ready?
Ben: I am now.

I'm not a baby. What's going on?


Ben: You do realize you don't live here anymore?
Dave: I'm visiting and by the way, your security sucks.

Ben: I know you did it.
Kevin: And I know you did it.

Oh, so now he's your son. It seems to me like Scott was the father.


Ben, someone's after you.


Why would somebody do this?


No one goes near Henry but me. If you have a problem with that you can take it up with one of my fire balls.


Why would I be jealous, though I do know you're partial to men in leather jackets.


Cruella de Vil: Oh, at last. I feel like I've aged a decade waiting for you.
Regina: Well, you certainly look like it.

You can't just unsavior the savior.


Good things change and become not so good. I like to leave while they're still good.