Real leadership is about making the hard choices.


Andy: Tom, I need protection.
Tom: Are we talking condoms or guns?
Andy: No, I need... you have guns?
Tom: I dunno, you have money?

Jules: At least none of these are weird sex things.
Tom: Uh, two of them can be.
Jules: Which one? No, I don't want to know. It's the fedora, right?

We're even wearing the same unisex cologne. "Both" by Bruce Jenner.


You look white trash enough to be Kid Rock's mom.


It's better. I mean nobody can live up to the all white, happily every after wedding gown, because ultimately it's you, it's the one you love, a lot of hard work and a gamble. Better odds than Vegas.


There is no handbook! You're not the answer lady. Marriage is not a one size fits all deal. I don't know. You don't know. All I know is I am still, and screw me I probably always will be, in love with you!


Jake: Tell me that living apart has not been a game changer.
Abby: That is not the way to save a marriage.
Jake: You don't know that. I'm talking about how I feel now.

I am sorry. I am not putting my mouth on a straw where Brandi's mouth has been. Would you?

Kyle Richards

I'm very competitive. Wait. I'm very normally. I’m not like weird competitive. I'm not like going to put drugs in your coffee to win.

Eileen Davidson

Jake: Just because we signed the papers, doesn't mean we have to file them.
Abby: What?
Jake: Maybe this is what we need. Time apart to figure our own shit out and become Jake and Abby 2.0. Better versions of ourselves. Us. I'm saying what if we gave this thing one more shot?

Yes, I'm ready.