Leila: Just keep pretending everything is normal. Can you do that?
Ahmed: I've been pretending everything is normal my whole life.

You spared him, Jamal. You have nothing to feel guilty for. But the guilt that you had't made you paranoid. It blinded you. And turned you against your own family.


Look around. Look at what you bought with that silence. Who could ever sympathize with you?


What, we're just making sh*t up? Well then Tom Cruise walked in and I banged him!


Ihab Rashid: So I know, I know, you are lying. You are not Khalil.
Munwar: We are all Kahlil.

But the number one rule in our office is you do not draw attention to yourself. You have to take care of some thing, or some body, you do it out of the spotlight.


Hey, pop. I wanted to come by, wish you congratulations. You're still undefeated against mom.

Sean O'Bannon

As my dear old grandmother Octavia used to say, "Tough shit."

Captain Johanson

What I do find very interesting, is like these young cops, he too has no respect for authority, he too doesn't think before he acts.

Terry Muldoon

Maybe I should be grateful. That there are still things I cannot bring myself to do. But my punishment is that I'll never be free.


I want you to know, I'm proud of you. You know, when you were born, my, my dream, was that you, my oldest son, would grow up to be...an asshole.

Terry Muldoon

You know what, if you can't hear me, and trust me, then Branson won. Even sitting in his jail cell, he beat you.