Beans are nothing but soggy nuts!


That's too much whisky for my frame.


Nick: What does a man do about that pain?
Schmidt: Takes a bubble bath.

You got hurt on a hog man!


Just because a scary man yelled his name in your face doesn't mean you can't like sake baths.


Is this change of plans an overreaction to something?


I don't understand. Is Toby your name?


JJ: She likes you.
Severide; Your mom?
JJ: She calls you Kelly. Ever since my dad died, she calls almost every guy "nitwit", but you're just Kelly.

Nelson: Al Nelson, I'm with the Board of Ethics. I'm here to discuss the bribe you received.
Casey: I didn't realize the Board of Ethics would be involved.
Nelson: No? Do you know what the Board of Ethics does?

In my experience where there’s a mouthpiece, there’s a secret.

Leo [to Lex]

You’re determined to get me killed in here, aren’t you?

Jake [to Lex]

Hey. I’ve got 11 year olds in there holding it together better than you. Reign it in.

Katie [to Jake]