In my experience, the truth can come at a very high price. You can lose people you love, pieces of yourself, but in the end it's worth it. It's worth it to know where you really stand.


Shareen: She was helping me find a man who I cared about a long time ago.
Emma: Aladdin?
Shareen: You know him?
Emma: No, I just saw the movie - it's a this world thing.

I want you to help me defeat Jafar.


I screwed up so many things in my life, but Helen was the one thing I got right. We got each other right. Not that everything was all daffodils, but there was never a sliver of a doubt that we really loved each other 'cause we really did. Sometimes things are so right you don't even think to question them.


Wouldn't hurt you either, would it? Being able to bring your wife a big case like that, like a cat dropping a dead mouse on its owner's welcome mat.


In fact, I’d have to wonder if any child would want you as a mother in the first place?


Harold told me that he had to call a cab for Anne Milbauer this morning.


Gabi...I'm sorry... forgive me...


Det. Olsen: Maybe Cliff wasn't murdered. Maybe he was just fuckin' stupid.
Sandy: Yeah. Maybe he was.
Det. Olsen: And maybe it runs in the fuckin' family.

Good job, girls!


You can't hack a hole


Welcome to Frankfurt!