Alex: Naomi, they might be infected with that crap.
Naomi: Holden wouldn't do that to us.
Alex: He might not know.
Naomi: He wouldn't do that to us.
Alex: Hope you're right.

Holden: They're spreading it deliberately.
Miller: It's an experiment. The whole goddamn station.

I was able to obtain a viable sample of the protomolecule. The injections have been prepared. We are ready for lock down. The radiation units are in place. We can still do what needs to be done. We may not get another chance. We've come so far since that incredible revelation on Phoebe.


There's something in the reactor. It looks like it consumed everyone else. If it's a bioweapon, I've never seen anything like it. I have to get off this ship.


This evidence proves beyond a doubt, that the ships that destroyed the Donnager were built at the Busch Naval Shipyard. They were built by Earth.


It's crazy. A Saudi prince comes here and gets the best heart surgeon we have, and a vet can't even get a CT scan.


Sarah: I'm putting you on an antibiotic course, and hopefully we caught it early enough to avoid any long-term consequences.
Sloane: I hooked up with my best friend's boyfriend. There are gonna be some long-term consequences.

Sarah: Whatever. Don't do it on my account. Go have fun.
Joey: "Fun?" I've been on one awful date. She asked me to go on a hike, and I got bit by a spider. It still hasn't healed.

You're a liar. And a bitch. I hope you get an STD and it kills you!


I have got to confess, I am so jealous of those socks. Those hedgehogs are fantastic.


Mouch: Fifty bucks a head for a good cause.
Cruz: Oh, what's the cause?
Mouch: It's to be determined at this time.

Herrmann: Hey Cruz, you know where we could get a live chicken this time of night?
Cruz: Why would you think I would know that?