Steve: I am sorry did you just say you just flew 10 hours straight with a bunch of pizzas in your suite case? Is that what you said?
Grover: You're damn right. And today is your lucky day. Because of this unexpected, pleasant little pick me up at the airport I will cut you in on a slice.

Wow this guy has got it all. Ruffles, stage presence and the most important quality when it comes to impersonating Elvis. Swagger.


Nelson: Okay, I see how you do. The new guy gets the poop phone.
Krumitz: What?
Nelson: I happen to know that this was the phone that was recovered from the toilet in the hotel room.
Raven: He's right. That is the poop phone.
Krumitz: Really? You are gonna encourage this? And you aren't even that new anymore.

My god. Even when women get the courage to leave abusive relationships sometimes they still get killed.


It feels personal. Our target crafted a motive for Evan, fabricated texts and GPS data, linked him to the hotel hack. He set up Evan as a fall guy for a reason, but why?


Elijah: You miss New York.
Avery: Well, I am feeling a bit nostalgic. O opened my first practice in Manhattan. I hung a shingle on a brownstone. Went from analyzing minds to analyzing cyber criminals. It wasn't really a plan, it just happened.

The full spectrum of commerce and communication flows through her optic fibers as well as the requisite glut of pornography and cat videos.


Finn: At one time almost every great religion has been attacked as a cult.
Sherlock: So have most cults.

I don't think you should help her again. She is what she is. She wants what she wants. I love her but I love this job, too. The people who do it. She's got to do better.


Hannah: I did help them. I got some bad guys off the street.
Joan: Just not as many as you could have..\

Our love will die here.


It was rather a miracle.