No! Do not look at him. You ruined our lives, don't you get that? I was supposed to be getting married and I'm not anymore. Ayden called off the wedding because of you. You dragged us into the horror show that is your life and now we're all screwed forever. So you're going to tell us the truth. Every horrible secret about that night that you haven't told anyone. Or I swear to God, I will personally destroy you. Tell us the damn truth, Rebecca. Did you or did you not kill Lila?


Spit it out, psycho. You killed Lila, right? And you played wait list here like, like some loser.

Connor [to Rebecca]

Wes: You think I'm going crazy?
Laurel: A little.

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Annalise: I humiliated myself in court for you Father, you do not get to lie to me.
Father Andrew: Brian and I spent considerable time together. The dark room had became a place where he felt safe enough to tell me, his friend, what was troubling him. That he was being abused by someone. Shortly after his death, I came to learn that person was Father Bernard. That's why I killed him. And I'd do it again.

And what about your own ethics? You know for a fact that your client is guilty, they've told you as much. And yet you have to stand in front of that jury everyday and lie to their faces.


Dr: Herman: I wanted to break new ground. I wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted my life, my brain, my existence to mean something. The thing I never really thought about though, the thing I never really wrapped my brain about until now was in order to do that, in order to be remembered, in order to leave something significant behind, you have to leave.

What? Oh for God's sake, what is wrong now? Are the seeds too close together, is the lettuce too emotionally available?


This is history. This surgery is history. How could I not be excited about that?


Marcus: I am beat. I'm gonna head home, take a nap. Maybe enjoy the company of a young lady.
Oscar: Which young lady?
Marcus: Oh it's ten blocks, there'll be someone along the way.

Yes you were born. Now we just have to wait twenty years til the part people care about.


Marcus: Oh wow, first two writers, now three. This book is gonna be twice as good!
Felix: Well that math teacher screwed him in more ways than one.

This tumor is fierce, intimidating and aggressive, but so am I.