Andy: Convenience is boring and I am not boring. I am a stallion and stallions cannot be tamed.
Sam: Stallions are boys.

I haven't give up, I've surrendered. There's a peace that comes with that.


Grace: This is my style.
Adriana: Oh. Your style has an exquisite ass.

Hey, it's not, it's not about nudity. It's really not. It's about viewing the spaces we inhabit every day differently, in a more human way.


Why do I get the feeling your sister was going to walk around nude today with or without the shoot?


God. Why do spouses always test their spouses at the first sign of trouble when they should really be testing themselves?


It's never too late to become who you want to become, dear. I've seen it happen lately with a man I know. It's been liberating to watch. Trust me. There's hope for you.


Grace: i was exposed today. To the world
Adriana: In what sense?
Grace: In every sense.

Sex isn't the true barometer of a marriage. Conversation is.


You know, you make more vows to yourself in a marriage than you ever do to a spouse.


Grace: Are you a duchess?
Adriana. [laughs] No.
Grace: Then your house definitely is too big.

Go learn about the patch of grass that is their marriage and then get back to yours.

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