Taylor: I don't know how to help her. I don't know what she needs.
Elizabeth: Oh, baby. I don't know how to help her either.

Gammy: Yeah, how are you doing, hmm?
Taylor: Oh, I'm fine. I have more important things to worry about than Lori's mental problems.

Elizabeth: Lori doesn't deserve her
David: Liz, I know you're afraid, but she's coming back. She's ours. Yours and mine.

Why does it look like a beauty pageant blew up in my house?!


Liv: How does it feel to finally know the truth?
Major: Better.

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Major: Zombies really do exist?
Liv: They do.

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Major: You want to feel better about your mental health? Spend a couple days with some clinically insane people.
Peyton: I do it every thanksgiving.

I got a giant Indian to throw a sink through the window and jumped to freedom. Nah, I'm just kidding. I checked myself out.


Liv: Careful, don't open yourself up to the classic, reverse Sicilian gambit. That's a chess thing, right?
Major: Sounds more like something a call girl would make you pay extra for.

You'll understand I find it difficult to accept, I'm the object of an eternal satanic quest that so far's only demonstrated in something that's half poetry half gibberish. I'm sorry, no.


Vanessa: So your second cousin Lily is coming to visit you?
Victor: Yes, that's it entirely yes.
Vanessa: And what are we doing here?
Victor: Yes of course, being a country girl I thought I might buy her a dress or two so she'll fit in.
Vanessa: And you've never shopped for women's clothing before?
Victor: In a nutshell, yes.
Vanessa: Then I shall be delighted to assist you.

Sir Malcolm: Is it the story of Lucifer then? The angel cast out by God?
Mr. Lyle: Time will tell.
Ethan: How could this one monk know all these languages?
Vanessa: He didn't, the demon did.