Spencer: A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
Hanna: Did Ali say that?
Spencer and Mona: No, Churchill did.

If you believe a lie, it becomes the truth.


Caleb: What is wrong with her?
Hanna: Read her boobs, the girl loves Christmas.

Do you have Ovaltine?


You're family, you don't have to make anything up to us.


Are you just never allowed to talk about another person with a penis when you get married?


I wish I could go with you but I have to go back to the FBI office tomorrow so I can help my not-married ex-boyfriend find my not-dead ex-husband who currently works for some drug dealing overlord.


Stop right there before i Jezebel your ass. You my friend are a grown woman and if the Universe is going to punish you then the Universe is a sexist pig.


Savi: He was trying to teach me how to do that pop up thing. I never actually popped up.
Joss: I bet he did.

Maybe she was right. Having JR's DNA in my blood is a curse.

John Ross

I see now that there will never be enough success, enough money to fill that hole where your heart should be.


He was the only man who ever saw the good in me. He was the only one who made me feel like I could be normal.

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