Sophie: If Ivan Turing asked you to do it, you'd be there in a minute, but be, I must be making it up.
Cat: Sophie, I really don't believe in ghosts.
Sophie: Big surprise. You really don't believe in anything.

Bat fact number three; it's worse than we thought.


Chloe: Pack your bags, we're going to Rio!
Abraham: I love this job.

The Countess has kidnapped LuAnn and no one's happy about it.


You're not allowed to sleep when someone's dying. There's no time and you're so fearful that if you fall asleep they may leave without you knowing so, you don't sleep.


(about Ramona) She doesn't know the girlfriend code. When you bring a guy home at the beach, he stays on the beach. That's why it's called sex on the beach.


For most parents, I think there is a significant degree of denial that has to be overcome as well as the guilt over having a child be such a person. I can't imagine.


I've spent most of my life winging it so, here we go again.


Nina: Why would you do that?
Frankie: Do what?
Nina: Sneak in here like some kind of ninja?

Six months of therapy and there's not a single note about murder, violence or anger towards women.


You should have gone to law school.


I dunno. Stuff.