Lemon: For the last time, I did not put red food dye in Shelby's sweet tea, or her breath mints, or her stage makeup.
Sheriff Bill: But you hate her.
Lemon: So, I'm a southern lady. My methods of warfare are purely psychological.

Wade: This is insane.
Zoe: People all over the world pee in buckets.
Wade: I will still love you if I see this, but it may take me a while to recover.

Lemon: Somewhere, right now, Diana Ross is spinning in her grave.
Annabeth: Or hailing a taxi. I'm pretty sure she's still alive.

You never make it off this island. You'll never make it out of here.


I need you to tell me the location of the night room. They want to take what's in that room and they want to use it. They call themselves the Army of the 12 Monkeys and they're looking for you too.


Ramse: You don't know anything about scavs.
Whitley: I know enough.
Ramse: Bullshit.
Whitley: They're like animals, living off the weak. Taking what they don't deserve, like you and Cole.

Nature doesn't break, it only bends.


Cole: Wait a minute. I know this place. This is...
Cassie: It's not everyday you see the building you're going to die in.

Cassie: How long do you think it will be before the 12 Monkeys break Jennifer Goines?
Cole: Don't know, but she won't make it easy.
Cassie: There's nothing in the future that can help us find her?
Cole: No we gotta find this guy.
Cassie: The one who got away.

I expect to make fun of all of you at some point, fat kid, gay boy, creepy incest twins, other girl, but I never want to hear any of you disparaging the things that we do as a team.


Look man. Every movement needs a leader, someone to step out into the light and say this is me, this is who I am, and this is what I stand for.


Look, I may not have lived in some vague outer borough of New York City, but there's a reason I'm the only glee kid who survived Sue Sylvester's regime change at McKinley. Because I'm ruthless too.