Lindsay: Hey, Roger SImpson, Melissa's father is downstairs.
Voight: Al?
Olinsky: We should start drawing straws.

You thought I was leaving too? Not a chance.


This meeting's like a coin flip. Am I getting a department commendation or the firing squad?


You're at war with two sides of yourself.


Amanda Waller: This was never about expunging your darkness, Mr. Queen. That darkness will always be a part of you.
Oliver: Then what was the point?
Amanda: To show you that sometimes killing is the only path to justice

Well doc, if you had a chance to save a thousand people at once, put them down, and then wake them up, through some magic procedure that you believed in and knew how to make it work, you'd do it right?


Can't you use the chips to track them, or your hundreds of cameras? Oh yeah, that's right, we blew up your surveillance system.


Routine is the building block of happiness, that's what Pilcher says right?


Jason: I want to preserve life.
Kate: Just like when you executed my husband in front of me.

We've done so many great things. So many. Pyramids, man on the moon, the Beatles... We were capable of so much, but now it's your world, your future, and I don't want any part of it.


It was Dodds' time. It wasn't yours.

Dr. Lindstrom

To the bravest cop we ever worked with. Sergeant Michael Dodds.