Mrs. Weiss: Here's the deal, Mr. Kahn, and you know it. Whether you stabbed her or not, you could have saved her. This young woman who you barely knew, but who you say you liked. Did you kill her?
Nasir: I don't know.

Mrs. Weiss: How many times have you had sex with women or men?
Naz: Once, before. With a girl.

Mrs. Weiss: Do you ever lie Mr. Kahn?
Naz: I try not to.

Chandra: Did you kill her?
Naz: No. I couldn't have. Even if I was out of my mind I couldn't do that. I know it in my heart.

Madison: Are you hitting on me?
Strand: I'm a seducer of people.

Service is sub-par.


From death we come...and to death we deliver ourselves.


Don't look, don't look...


Remember, word for word. Or the next time America hears about Howard Oliver, it will be to commemorate his passing


I understand your partners will be in the audience, here to witness the dismantling of the United States.

President Oliver

Hang onto your asses. We're going back to St. Louis.


Tom: Make no mistake: we're going after a target who's clearly anticipating us. If one part of this mission fails, it all fails.