You know when I hung up my shingle as a P.I., I knew I'd have to follow some wives, I just never thought it would be my own.


Beckett, I think your crime scene's making a run for it.


Martha: I told you, if you can't tell your mother what you're doing you should not be doing it.
Castle: Yes, when I was eight.

It's all come crashing down around my ears and I've got no one to blame but myself.


You want to know what hurts the most? You could have come to me with everything. Broken us up just like you did only it would have been a cover and together, in secret we could have taken this guy down but that thought never even occurred to you because deep down inside you like being broken and you need this obsession and no matter what I do I can't change that, only you can, Kate.


Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I would walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.

It doesn't matter what you mean. It's what you do.


If I'm goin' to the noose, I'm goin'. But I am done lying down for men.


Different roads, same destination.


This family? Deserves the ground.


She had every opportunity to say what she needed to say and she didn't say it. I can only wonder why.


Premeditated murder for financial gain with a battered spouse.