Mother: I heard a man's voice.
Fin: Did you recognize the voice?
Mother: I think it was Shawn.

My destiny was music, and my destiny was you.


Well damn, the only other person I ever saw her go off on like that!


I don't trust polite people, stupid!


He wouldn't know streets if it shot him in the ass.


At the end of every shift, makes sure he comes home to me.


Trish: I like the man, but I'm wondering: is he the right partner for you?

Riggs: Why didn't you take the shot?
Murtaugh: Because he's driving a propane truck. I didn't want any collateral damage.
Riggs: And you want to be spicy salsa.

Scorsese: Wow. You two are like peaches and cream.
Murtaugh: More like Starsky and Hutch.
Scorsese: Which one's Starsky?
Riggs and Murtaugh (in unison): I am.

Dr. Cahill: Let me guess. Everybody got food poisoning.
Riggs: How'd you know?
Dr. Cahill: That's the plot of Airplane.
Riggs: It's a helluva film.

Avery: Psychologically speaking, he's nuts, right?
Dr. Cahill: He's in a lot of pain. That's all I can say.

Natasha, I give you my word. You and your child are going to be safe.