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iPad Shawn is a lot braver than real-life Shawn.

Henry: Keep going and I'm gonna rip your heart out, and that's an organ you need.
Gus: Actually, that's a muscle.
Henry: Whatever.

Gus: Did you tell Jules about this?
Shawn: No, I did not. I most certainly did not.

Shawn I have been watching reality tv and been training for a moment just like this one all my life. I am in it to win it.

Everybody knows that as the only brother on the show, I get a free pass through the first round.

I saw it. I knew it was coming. I was definitely getting my heart on.

Just let him get the patties on the grill first. There's no reason we can't eat and investigate at the same time.

That's right, lavender. Melinda likes her men to shine.

You're not leaving! You're just making footstep sounds!

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