If Addison leaves a sharp instrument lying around, I just might stab you with it.

I'd give my life for any one of them. Is there anyone up there? Is anyone listening? You have to take a life - you take me. Take me. Save my babies.

Hello, precious girl. This is your mama. Sorry you don't have a name yet. I want so much to be with you right now, hold your little hand, tell you everything's going to be okay and let you know and let you know you are blessed.

Do you mind? I'm trying to screw my husband.

Cooper: Girls are awesome!
Charlotte: What the hell am I going to do with girls?!

Charlotte: We told Mason he's having three siblings.
Cooper: Then Mason's having three siblings.

Get in somebody's way and I will use that camera as a shot put. Nice to meet you.

Charlotte: Damn, Sheldon. You look like James Bond.
Sheldon: Which one? I was always partial to Sean Connery.

You can't change what you've done, but you can change who you are and improve your life.

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