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"I can't believe this! She has two dates and I have a wife."

[about Meredith] "She's dating everyone with a pulse and I'm trying to get Burke out of the bell jar."

[about Burke] "I'm knee deep in coffee, and he's on the sofa playing with himself. And not in a good way."

"Oh look - she's laughing. Because he made a joke, which probably wasn't funny. Ohhh, you funny vet!"

[to Mer] "You had a dream about the both of them. Threesome? Nice! Just when I think you're boring, you rise."

MEREDITH: "What's that?"
FINN: "It's for you. It's coffee cake, best in the Northwest. I thought I would soften you up. So when I'm asking you for dinner tonight, you have to say yes."
CRISTINA: "Dinner? Tonight? How about that. Are you free tonight? Are you?"
MEREDITH: "Actually, I'm not free tonight."
FINN: "Oh. Okay. How about lunch then?"

FINN: "I was in the neighborhood. Well, really I wasn't, but you are worth the detour."
MEREDITH: "I had a dream about you last night."
FINN: "Was it a good dream?
MEREDITH: "It was."
FINN: "What was I doing?"
CRISTINA: "Yeah, Mer, what was he doing?"

"Bailey's on the warpath ... not the German warpath. The hospital warpath."

MEREDITH: [grabs George] "George! Callie is hot. She's really sexy, almost dirty hot. And she's hot for you. In my opinion you could keep using the darts as a weapons or you could go get lucky with the sexy hot dirty girl."
[George leaves and Cristina enters]
CRISTINA: "Where's he going?"
MEREDITH: "To get laid."
CRISTINA: "There's something wrong in the world when bambi's getting laid and I can't get five minutes alone with Burke."

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