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Want to lose yourself in some misery sex?

Damien: Celia Moreno is now the new county Superior.
Rachel: The butch, one armed, Hispanic women? They just decided to check all the boxes.

Why did you bone me with the judicial committee?

Damien: I was feeling...
Infeld: What? Full of crap.
Damien: I was going to say invincible.

The bottom line rarely helps the people on the bottom.

Damien: Wow you look stressed.
Jared: You don't. What's up?

Damien: I've played by the rules my whole life and what has it gotten me?
Rachel: A six figure salary and a partnership at a major law firm.

I literally killed my only chance at becoming a judge.

Jared: The one I like is when Infeld stole his prom date.
Damien: And I never saw it coming.

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