You think just because you cheated on me that you'll be able to walk out of my new company? You signed a contract that gives me full control of your music. I own you.

Okay I'm not cool with you and you being a we.

I'm a DJ, I'm not trying to earn a merit badge!

You gotta stop loving me so much, seriously we gotta get you a puppy or something.

If I could survive getting hit by a semi truck, I think I can handle a kiss.

You've really got to stop worrying about me and my digestive system.

I Liam-ized the bar uniform.


I thought that phony ass cowboy was my friend.

Dixon: You don't care that we burned down the Phi Kappa house?
Austin: Nobody got hurt. They lost a couple of Ryan Gosling posters.

I got a crotch shot of one of the Hilton sisters. Maybe it was a Kardashian.


Eggs and toilet paper. That's how we cure a heartache where I'm from.

This is the soundtrack to my nightmares.

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Glad to see you didn't sleep in the god-awful Catwoman costume.

Jen [to Naomi]

Dixon: No lies. Just you, and me, and half sausage, half pepperoni.
Sasha: Get lost.