Allison: I need you to stay perfectly still and no talking unless I tell you too.
Jack: Ok, no moving around while your tooling around in my brain; fair, that's fair.

Allison: Zane, are you alright?
Zane: [In Jack's body] No! Do I look alright? I'm half scarecrow, half Andy Griffith!

Zane: I bet that felt good.
Allison: It didn't suck.

Jack: It's me, the real Jack, I love you.. Do you trust me?
Allison: No.
Jack: Really??! I thought that would go differently.

Allison: What is that?
Jo: I don't know.
Fargo: Cool! I love dragons!

Grace: Doesn't seem real, everything that's happened, does it?
Allison: No

Allison: Were back, but it's only been a few minutes, Andy going a bit overboard with the protocols.
Carter: You've been gone a little longer than that.
Allison: How Long?
Carter: Four years.

Allison: What is that?
Jack: A giant snow ninja.
Jo: And it's heading for Eureka!

Jack: Why don't you sit down and relax?
Allison: Have you met me?

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