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Jackie: Coffee, banana, Vicodin.
O'Hara: Breakfast of champions.

If I believed in crying at work, I'd be tearing up. I'm thrilled!

Akalitus: You know, Dr. O'Hara is from Britain.
O'Hara: Yes, I'm from the whole of Britain.

You're going after rich people who drink. Don't think I like that very much.

Coop: I know a thing or two.
O'Hara: At the most.

: Hugs for the continuing education, Dr. Cooper. You'll know the next big thing, won't you?!?

O'Hara: Don't think so hard.
Zoey: Not like I can help it.

You are many things, Jacks. Useless is not one of them.

I shagged a nurse. In the chapel.

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