Foreman: You're stealing this guy's oxygen!
House: There's oxygen everywhere.

Chase: It's time to step out of the shadow.
Foreman: It's about time

Let me know if you need anything. Like a transfer.

Foreman: We have a problem.
Wilson: Does it limp?

Foreman: How many of those have you had today?
House: I don't know. Is your "mother" a number?

Cuddy: It's a privacy curtain.
Foreman: Wasn't working.

Foreman: You forgot about the fourth symptom: being absolutely crazy.

You're reading subtext into my silence?

Foreman: House thinks I'm a robot. You think I'm a wuss?
Chase: No, no, no, no. I think you're repressed.

He claims he can swear off sex indefinitely. Also claims that I am a boiling cauldron of repressed rage.

Foreman: You think I'm repressed too?
Taub: I think you're in danger of being dissolved by your own stomach acids.

Chase: What's with the sudden interest in her future?
House: You know, a blacksmith who spends as much time hammering out a new blade from raw Jello, he's curious about who ends up wielding it.
Foreman: no reason to be curious unless you're interested in wielding it yourself.

House Quotes

Unsquint your eyes.


I killed a man.