Dr.: Did you saw it when I said he was guilty? She crumbled.
Gillian: She was taken by surprise
Dr.: Surprise my ass.

Gillian: You attacked that orderly, can you tell me what was going through you mind at the time?
Lightman: the Bridge of his nose.

Gillian: All people from this facility.
Lightman: So the Charlie she is scared of is in this place, killing people.

Gillian: I say he is a narcissist, and you make this about you?
Lightman: Oye, that reminds me I want a big wanky picture of myself to hang in my office.

Gillian: Your name really wheels?
Johnny: Your name legs?

Lightman: I will take care of the FBI.
Gillian: All you do is antagonize them. What this requires is a woman's touch, get lost.
Loker: What was that about?
Lightman: I was *never* here.

Gillian: Why did you keep me in the dark?
Lightman: It's cat and mouse, not cats.

Lightman: All I was trying to say in there was I want him on the street getting a life, not in there getting a latte.
Gillian: Why didn't you just tell him that then?
Lightman: And spoil all the fun?

Lightman: When you hear hooves...
Gillian: Think horses, not zebras.
Lightman: Either way, it's a stampede.

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