Even my dad, the reformed hustler and flake has beaten me to the altar.

Life just keeps throwing us curve balls, doesn’t it? Curve balls filled with anxiety.

With Boris, nothing is as simple as it seems. The last thing I want is to be sucked into a hospital bureaucracy.

I will be right here the entire time.

Money doesn't change people, it just shows them who they are.

Hank: What's he on?!
Emma: Bath salts!

Hank: What's she getting into?
Evan: A chauffeured Bentley.

We buzzkills wouldn’t know anything about that.

I like taking care of people, always have.

You wanted to be a movie star...life was not taking you there.

That's the other amazing think that's happened in your life.

You’re not the fun brother, I’m the fun brother.