I believe in the healing power of crime solving.

Here's to being an adult. It sucks.

When did our crime scene become an improv class?

Maura: I didn't notice but then I was distracted.
Jane: By your reflection in the shiny, shiny plaque.

What is the point of having friends if you can't bitch and complain whenever you want to.

Strange is good. Strange is our friend in a murder investigation.

Jane: You failed your shooting test on purpose!
Frankie: What? No way.
Jane: Well either that or you're going blind which from the way you're starring at her ass I can see is not the case.

Jane: What were you doing there?
Korsak: Making our lives harder.

Jane: Is there anything you haven’t seen once before?
Korsak: You cutting me slack.

Jane: Bye, bye alibi.
Korsak: Later, later perpetrator.

Korsak: I've been over this guy's case files and one thing's very clear. He hates women. Last time I looked, you’re a woman.
Jane: It's easy to see how you made detective.

Maura: Did you think about any of us before you jumped.
Jane: No I didn't. I didn't think about you and I didn't think about my family. I didn't even think about myself. The only person that I thought about was Paul and that I was the only one that could help him. I wasn’t going to let him drown.