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Joel: Hey, our son is coming.
Julia: Our son is coming.

Joel: Why do we still have a home phone. The only people who still have it is telemarketers.
Julia: And my parents.
Joel: Exactly.

Camille: Zeek, the walkies...
Zeek: One per car. Please don't lose these.
Joel: It'd be hard to.

Troy, my wife's job is actually to uphold the law. Do you understand? It's to make sure people aren't treated unfairly. So when you come into our house and you try to coerce us into an illegal payment...

Joel: Beach, movies, death metal.
Julia: Yanks. No favorite books.
Joel: Oh, well, we'll have an illiterate headbanger. That's okay.
Julia: But a pretty one!
Joel: Yeah, hello!

Mmmmm. My wife picturing our birth father stripping. That's a little weird for me.

You killed her!

Joel: You know what? We're going to get another baby and we'll start over. This one's a bust.
Julia: Babe, that's not funny!
Joel: It's pretty funny.

Let me get this stright. Crosby was there but Run DMC was not.

You just can't go rogue on me and hammer out a deal at the coffee cart. That's crazy, Julia. You know that's crazy, right?

It's a house, Crosby. It's gonna do what it's gonna do. Kitchen tiles are not gonna be the deal breaker here. You have got to show her this place, you understand? I know it's gonna be hard, but you have to find out.

Joel: Awesome, awesome.Thank you, so much. Yeah, baby, my boys can swim. Woo!
Sydney. Swim? Daddy, are we getting fish?
Joel: No, daddy just did really well on a test.

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You came.

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Hi grandpa, I have pubic hair.


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