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The mentalist

Abbott: He stood in my office, looked me in the eye and lied to me and I bought it.
Cho: Don't feel bad. Jane could sell cats to mice.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you. Whatever decision you make, it's been an honor.

Fischer: You ever wonder what Jane thinks about it?
Cho: Never.
Fischer: Really, why not?
Cho: My brain would explode.

We had nothing to do with this but we would have if they'd asked.

Jane: I think we should trust our instincts.
Cho: You mean take a wild guess.

Fischer: He made fools of us.
Cho: It won't be the last time.

Rigsby: Oh calm down Dillinger, we might as well be civil.
Cho: You think we'll get a nicer cell?

Abbott: That badge is a toy and you're all impersonating officers of the law.
Cho: Whatever. Let him go.

FBI Agent: FBI, back it up.
Cho: CBI, back it up yourself.

Rigsby: And we're good with that, killing the boss?
Van Pelt: I am.
Cho: Yeah.

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Cho: They found the remains of three people. Positive remains of Bret Stiles, Ray Haffner, and Thomas McAllister.
Lisbon: Are you sure? I would have think Bret Stiles would survive a nuclear attack.

Rigsby: I guess you burn a lot of calories being a newlywed.
Cho: We're not having this conversation.

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Who knows how a homicidal maniac thinks?


Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.

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