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Coincidence is fate’s favorite tool.

You're just jealous that for once, people are staring at all of this, instead of all of that.

We know Zed will find a way in. What's yours?

Mozzie: Too Ringo?
Neal: Too Bieber.

At this point, twenty feet might as well be Hannibal's march.

Neal: You do look like a Teddy.
Mozzie: I prefer Theodore.

Out of the frying pan, into the firehouse.

For guys like us, the only regret is permanence.

Fresh air, the anecdote to sentimental dribble.

Whoever said the customer is always right never met the customer. Am I right?

Where's the key, Quantico?

I'm from PANEO---People of the awareness of near earth objects.

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White Collar Quotes

Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us.

Vincent Adler [to Neal]

Mozzie: Too Ringo?
Neal: Too Bieber.