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Maybe we needed to walk away from each other so many times because that's the only way to come full circle.

Navid: Am I Batman or Robin?
Liam: Do you even need to ask that?

Actually we're more of a 'Who Runs the World, Girls,' company.

Navid: Liam I really wanna kiss you right now.
Liam: Resist that urge.

You are literally sleeping with the enemy.

You banged the only potential investor you had in your fledging company?

Silver and I have a complicated past and telling her I slept with her surrogate might make things even more complicated.

Now that you're actually not cool, I kinda like you better.

Adrianna: You hired a bunch of sexy girls to perform at the Playboy Mansion?
Navid: That's like bringing sand to the beach.

Navid: Sometimes I feel like Hollywood's gone to his head.
Silver: Unlike Navid Shirazi who's the same club promoting player he was in high school.

Liam: I would kill to get some time away.
Navid: Time away from what? You're a movie star.

They're not hookers, they're adult film stars!

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Don't mock the abs.

Liam [to Dixon]

I'm very possessive when it comes to balls.