Saddle shoes with denim? I will literally call protective services.

No, I don't think he can make it as an actor, but he also can't make it as an employee in an office, so why not go nuts with it.

Oscar: Angela you still have your son.
Angela: I guess.

Our office has an unusually large number of unusually large people.

Oscar: It looks like the camera man was hiding behind the shelves.
Phyllis: Wait, so they were filming all the time even when we didn't know it?

I'll watch it. Let's get this over with.

I didn't realize how many of Angela's opinions I agreed with...until she tried to have my knee caps shattered for sleeping with her husband.

Angela: If you pray enough, you can turn yourself into a cat person.
Oscar: Those guys always turn back, Angela.

If you would have seen the look he gave me, he wanted to rock more than just my vote.

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