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George: Hey buddy, you need to start talking, and you need to start talking now.
Intern: I really can't, talk to Steve.
George: Right guy, you need to start talking dude. Because, any second they're gonna start that face transplant surgery and then her good friend...
Meredith: My best friend.
George: Is gonna have her very first solo surgery, and so we have very little patience right now.
Intern: Look, it's not my place.
Meredith: Ok, you are gonna tell me everything thats going on. Or else, every time I have a rectal exam or an infected abscess is gonna have your name on it. Every time!
Intern: Megan was with Pierce, but they broke up for a little bit, and while they were broken up, she slept with Steve. Then she got back together with Pierce, but Steve sent her an email about how they slept together and instead of just emailing her, he hit reply all. It went to a whole bunch of people, one of them was Pierce. And, now Steve says he loves her, Pierce wants to kill him, Megan's like really freaking out right... because... oh... ok wait, so... A while back, someone sent this text message right, and like I didn't get it. I didn't get to see it. It just came, to certain peoples phone, you know...

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