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Lexie: I thought you were operating on John Doe?
Mark: I already did. Right now I'm looking at houses. One has single fire place, which I like. This one has a back yard the size of Montana.
Lexie: Ahuh. You're buying a house?
Mark: Yeah.
Lexie: Right. Ah, ok.
Mark: I'm buying a house right now. It's a buyers market, and I'm buying a house.
Lexie: The only reason you're even talking about a house is to make me feel bad. You're trying to prove that you're moving on without me. So then I'll regret my decision and change my mind.
Mark: Ok, is this what women are doing when they say they're moving on?
Lexie: Yeah. They don't usually take out a home loan to do it. But...
Mark: Pathetic. Let me be clear, I'm moving on. I'm a better woman than you!

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