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Derek: Ready to go?
Meredith: I just got a page. John Doe needs to go back into surgery.
Derek: Yeah, his post of CT's showed a re-bleed. I'm gonna have Nelson take care of it.
Meredith: No. Really?
Derek: Yeah, well I'd prefer to do it myself but, I wanna check in on Izzie. Maybe we can do that first, and then go get married after?
Meredith: No, we can't because we have the George intervention after that.
Derek: I'll have Nelson do it.
Meredith: You know what, tell them to prep him. We'll run to city hall. We'll come back, and we'll do it then.
Derek: Meredith.
Meredith: No, you know lets go. We gotta go. We gotta run to city hall, we'll come back, you'll check on Izzie, we'll monitor John Doe. I'll go talk George out of joining the army.
Derek: Look, we could do this another day.
Meredith: There is no other day! Every day is like this! Every day there's a crisis! There's no time!
Derek: Meredith.
Meredith: I love you and I do want to marry you today. But, there is no time.
Derek: (Der puts his hands on her face and looks at her) Do you have a piece of paper?
Meredith: For what?

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