Xo: Just so you know, no matter what happens at the audition, you're a way better lover than Esteban.
Narrator: And friends, that was just about the most romantic thing she could say.

Rafael: I just want to have a voice, and you have such a big family. You know, it's only me.
Jane: Us. We're a family too.

And friends, I'm not messing around this time. They're actually gonna do it. Say goodbye to Jane the virgin.


The truth is when I was in love with you I just wanted to please you. I mean I would wake up every morning and think, "What would Jane want? What would make Jane happy? What would make Jane smile?" And now, I'm kind of like, "So what if Jane's upset." I mean no offense.


Rafael: So you're a married virgin...
Jane: I am, yes. A married virgin with a one year old son.

Xo: Well your accent is getting so much better.
Rogelio: Thanks homegirl. I'm trying to stay in my American character. I'm going full Daniel Day-Lewis.

Jane: God, this would be a great moment to have sex.
Michael: I mean, at this point it just seems like a big cosmic joke.

your fate depends entirely on Jim Gordon.

The Mad Hatter

Jim: I'm happy.
Vale: Of course you are. You get to drink scotch all day and have sex with me.

The choice is yours, James. You can't save both.

The Mad Hatter

Bullock: What happened? You forget your cane?
Barnes: I don't need it anymore.

What you want means nothing to me.

The Mad Hatter