Life lesson. Don't mix cake and strippers!


Delia: Abby, what are you doing? One moment you're fainting and the next moment you're stripping. What is going on?
Abby: Delia, um. I'm sad and tired, and I'm stressed and I...And this isn't about me tonight. This is about you. So...
Delia: Yeah, well you wouldn't know that from that display. You're acting nuts. And you're hijacking my night.

Dr. Halstead, you're not listening to me.


I'm Harris. Watch me battle germs with my blinding smile. He was like a line drawing of a person. That's the laughing gas talking.


Jo: Legal eagle is leaving the building.
Abby: You are taking this way too seriously.

Scott: Hang on a minute. I thought we weren't getting emotional.
Jo: Well, you should have thought of that before you stuck your funky love cruffin inside my pastry box. You know what my box says? I'll tell you what it says. Go screw yourself!

Gosh. It's so weird coming home in the same clothes I went out with. It's so Orange is the New Black.


Abby, I think we should celebrate gently before you expire from the juice cleanse.


Casey: Herrmann, did you try and rig it by making Jimmy look like a bum so we'd all get fleeced?
Herrmann: Yes.
Brett: See this is why I don't bet on sports.
Dawson: Also, you don't understand them.

Dawson: You sure I can't talk you out of this?
Jimmy: Forfeit? No way you trained me, I'm ready.
Dawson: Well, I trained you for Roman.
Roman: Hey, I hurt my wrist, not my ears.

You love me? So? I love you too, Alec.


I'll drive. I'm the only one with a mundane license.