Last night, I wanted to take a pair of scissors and stab you. Then me, and the baby.


Just give me my money so I can get the fuck out of here already.

Tommy [to Tasha]

The truth is in both our cases, Ghost had us doing what was best for him.

Tasha [to Ghost]

You don't wanna do this!


He was my brother. My whole life. My family.


I've done this a thousand times, I'm a professional.


Cop: Are you in fear for your life?
Naz: No. Should I be?

Even if you can't remember anything, you'd know it, you'd feel it. I'm not a murderer.


Guard [placing down shoes on Naz's bed]: From Freddie.
Naz: What for?
Guard: Traction.

Dad: This new attorney doesn't want anything. Only to help!
Naz: Why?
Dad: Why.
Naz: Why?

It's like a rotten tooth that you don't want to pull 'cause you like the pain.


This is never going to end.