Jesus: Outside of the usual drama, she read your journal.
Lena: My journal?
Jesus: Yours, and what you said about Momma.

Lena: We're not getting a divorce, we're filing for a divorce.
Jesus: Why?
Lena: So we can freeze our assets.

Alfredo. You do not tell the LAPD to hurry up.


Guy: Welcome to the world-famous Greek Theatre.
Provenza: Well, I'm Lieutenant Provenza of the world-famous LAPD. I'm here to see the victim.

Stef: What does that mean?
Lena: We don't have to sell the house.
Stef: Yeah but we already have!

Maura: Well I still am not going to say it was a miracle.
Jane: That doesn't mean that it wasn't.

You don't know anything about Noah. He's not a bad influence and at least he's not my foster brother.


Ari: You can't go into the audition feeling like you're obligated to fail. Because you will.
Brandon: What do I do? Break up with her? Over the phone?
Ari: Yeah.

Ari: Everything ok?
Brandon: I've got a girlfriend.

I want us to be like this forever. Nina Holliday, will you marry me?


Callie: I'm not toying with you. Or yanking anyone's chain.
AJ: Okay.

Stef: That's enough. You're talking about my daughter right now.
Mike: I'm sorry. I just don't want to see another one of my sons get hurt.