Practice your bipolar rants. See, history can be fun!


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Your article pfercetly shows what I needed to know, thanks!


The producers are so sensitive when it comes to gay issues, but mental health is open season? Shame on their ignorance and insensitivity. I guess they'd feel a different way if one of them had bipolar, then they'd be shoving it down our throats and portraying it as cool. No one who has lived with this disease would ever question if it were a choice, can't say the same about your cause you hypocrites


The sooner glee is History the better. I agree slagging off bipolar is wrong. Why not depict it in a positive way.


I agree it is wrong to joke about special needs. Bipolar people deserve respect they fight an emotional battle every day.


Shows like glee take the mick out of special needs people. This is very wrong.


People with bipolar need our help and compassion not to be disrespected by ignorant shows like glee.


Disgusting the way glee jokes about bipolar. Its a hard thing to live with and people discriminate about people with it enough without the tasteless way glee deals with it.

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