You may be having lunch with the next Lauren Conrad.


After what happened with Oscar, friends are all we could ever be.

Dixon [after Ivy asks him out to dinner]

Thank God for hemorrhoid cream.


Everything's as right as a 90 degree angle.

Max [in Naomi's dream]

You know what would make me happy? Getting revenge on the skank he cheated with.


Annie: Nothing about you is innocent, Emily.
Emily: Who wants to 'single white female' who?

I think I have the hots for a nerd.


She won't stop until she destroys my entire life!


Teddy: Did he just hit on me?
Silver: Good things are going to start happening to Teddy.

You're the chick who stole the songs from the dead Mexican dude?

Nelly [to Adrianna]

I'll sing. I'll dance. I'll do whatever it takes.


You're nerding out all over our nice moment?


90210 Season 3 Quotes

MIT was my first choice...and now you are.

Max [to Naomi]

All this time you've been pretending about wanting to have a life with me?

Annie [to Liam]