Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tuesdays 9:00 PM on ABC
Agents of shield
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I know you would have jumped out of the plane to save Simmons, and she knows that too.


You told me to trust the system and the system sent Ward and Fitz in there to die.


You obviously get off on being the guy who gets to throw the last punch or swoops in to save the girl.


I like following the rules and doing what's expected of me. It makes me feel nice.


He's acting like a robot version of himself right now.


Ward: How attached are you to your pinky?
Fitz: Very, very attached.

Ward: Are you familiar with the term slam and cram?
Fitz: No and I don't think I want to be.

The people who put these ops together are the best of the best. They know what they're doing.


Don't do anything rash while I'm gone, like jump out of an airplane.


Everyone's wearing the same suit. Can someone tell me why?


I didn't realize that Big Brother was this big.


Whatever you do, don't breathe. That was a joke.

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