Why are you writing about him? He's just another maniac!


The cruelest thing of all is false hope.


The Monsignor: Please, Jude, don't be childish.
Jude: Childish? Hell, I'm the Queen of Candyland.

Kit's kid: Daddy?
Kit: Daddy will be there in a minute.

Monsignor: Help me.
Dark Angel: I'm here.

The baby's full term. It won't be long.


Well, hot damn.


You know how this goes. You make a sound, I bash your head in.


I'm the son of Bloody Face.


There is no God, but there is a Santa Claus!

Killer Santa

Dark Angel: Are you ready for me?
Grace: Yes.
Grace: I'm free.

Nutmeg makes all the difference in the world.


American Horror Story Quotes

Billie: Her husband murdered her with an ice pick.
Constance: It's hard to keep good help.

I questioned my sanity when I first found out. But this house, this house will make you a believer.