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I particularly would like to thank my husband, Dr. Roland Burton. He has sacrificed beyond measure to reach this day. My husband and my daughter give me the strength and the reason to carry on. And, I can never thank them enough.


No, it's just that their margaritas make people do strange things.


Me? I'm just the husband, Patty; flying under the radar like always.


Roland, if I do this job right, I could end up with a star. Think about that. Me. A general in the United States Army.


Roxy: He kissed you, like really kissed you, like he meant it?
Pamela: Oh yeah, he definitely meant it.
Roxy: So what did you do?
Pamela: Honestly, I don't even know.
Roxy: Did you kiss him back?
Pamela: Maybe, I don't know. I was just so shocked.
Roxy: But you didn't push him away.
Pamela: No.
Roxy: Pamela Moran. You hussy!

It's great having a real family. Even if Trevor is half way around the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm right back where I've always been. Single mom, working in a bar.


Roxy: Oh my God.
Pamela: What? Who is that?
Roxy: That's Finn's dad.

Michael: Should we be insulted that she's so happy to leave home?
Claudia Joy: Michael, it's the natural order of things for kids to want to be as far away from their parents as possible.

Denise: Are you ready?
Claudia Joy: No. You?
Denise: Oh God, no.
Claudia Joy: It's gonna be a hell of a year.

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