George Michael: Save yourself. I'll take the hit. My record's clean. Well, I got my bike seat stolen once, but I don't think it counts on your record if you're the victim. I mean, there is a record, but it's not like --
Maeby: Yeah, thanks. I'll take the rap next time we do something like this, okay?

George Michael: What are you doing? We're supposed to put the form in the wrong file.
Maeby: I know. I'm just leaving my calling card.
George Michael: I thought we didn't want anyone to know we were here.
Maeby: Well, it's a little late for that. Our fingerprints are everywhere.
George Michael: But you said they weren't gonna check for fingerprints.
Maeby: No, I said don't wear your mittens. I didn't want you to look stupid on the security cameras.
George Michael: There's a security camera?

Gob: All right, take this lock-pick, break into the permit office for me.
George Michael: I think I'd better check with my dad first.
Maeby: You're going to break into a permit office? Sweet. Can I come?
Narrator: And George Michael saw a chance to get closer to Maeby.
George Michael: You know, my dad hates to micromanage. Let's just do this.

(to a Taxi Driver) I don't know if that smell is you, the car, something you ate, or something you're about to eat, but my God, you're in a service business.


Michael: Gob, can I talk to you for a sec? Listen, um ... I'm really sorry about before. I said some things, and I got a little carried away. It's not the way you're supposed to treat a brother. Especially one that I value so highly. Oh, I need a favor.
Gob: That was subtle.

Michael: Hey, Busty, have you been using Dad's car?
Buster: No ... Well, yes.

(to Lucille 2) I got you tickets to "The Producers". I already saw it in New York. But that's of no use to a woman whose vertigo makes flying a grotesque misadventure.


Lucille: Don't you judge me. You're the selfish one. You're the one who charged his own brother for a Bluth frozen banana. I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, ten dollars?
Michael: You've never actually set foot in a supermarket, have you?

(loudly) Well, how embarrassing. My own brother buying me? I'd rather die. (whispers to Michael) Thank you. Maybe you're not that selfish.

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