The inspector general can investigate anything she wants it doesn't mean I have to start singing.


Kelly: Even the FBI and the CIA are subject to Congressional oversight.
Frank: That's their problem.

There's a lot of bad people out there.


Never take a bottle to a gun fight.


One of the great things about parents Nicky is that you can learn from their mistakes.


It was your lead foot mother in Joe's hot rod.


I don't care about that, Linda. I've got skin thicker than a catcher's mitt.


Tallulah: You catch on pretty fast.
Danny: That's why they gave me a gun and a shield.

The right to a speedy trial is fair and that doesn't take an expert.


The family legacy is not combat. It's service.


Danny: I know that guy. That's the guy they sent me to for anger management.
Baez: I guess he's not too good at his job.

I'm proud of my service. Let's leave it at that.


Blue Bloods Quotes

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

What happened? No honor among skeeves?