Eddie: How did it go?
Jamie: It wasn't the Spanish Inquisition but not for lack of trying.

Eight hour tours with all the other broken toys watching video monitors at housing projects. What's that about?


You're good people and good people try to move on from a betrayal like it's an exception not the rule.


Good things cops do rarely make the news.


Yeah, we're off duty right now. Like Clark Kent before he ducks into the phone booth.


'Cause you know, sometimes friends help friends bust out of prison.

Marshall Morgan

Sgt. Delgado: Well, I never forgot the advice of my training officer, Lt. Gormley. Never bitch about a problem without pitching a solution.
Frank: He does have a way with words.

Danny: Can't save everyone.
Jamie: We can try.

So he punched your ticket to Iowa and now you're going to vouch for him.


Touch that horn one more time and I'm gonna feed you the steering wheel.


Garrett: A three percent raise?
Frank: Hey, we're city employees, what did you expect?

There is something wrong. There is something very wrong with the fact that every time that this family sits down for dinner we have to talk about crime and criminals. Couldn't we just for once just, you know, sit together and have a normal family dinner.


Blue Bloods Quotes

Eddie: Other than your parents, who is the most influential person in your life and why?
Jamie: Joe, because he encouraged me to go for what I really want, instead of what other people wanted for me. I think he recognized that I spend a lot of time trying to make other people happy.
Eddie: Not in this partnership.

Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.