Touch that horn one more time and I'm gonna feed you the steering wheel.


Garrett: A three percent raise?
Frank: Hey, we're city employees, what did you expect?

There is something wrong. There is something very wrong with the fact that every time that this family sits down for dinner we have to talk about crime and criminals. Couldn't we just for once just, you know, sit together and have a normal family dinner.


If you want to leave don't put it on me. Own it.


Baez: She said no, huh?
Danny: Of course she said no, it's her favorite word.

We like to keep the peace peacefully as much as we possibly can.


You're a good egg, Garrett. I just want to make sure that egg doesn't end up all over our face.


You're threatening to fire me from a job you don't control that you can't know I want.


Well, I'm not calling you Your Honor no matter how you get there.


Cops out on the street aren't exactly feeling the love from city hall.


Mayor Poole: Who are you trying to protect?
Frank: Nobody in particular, just the standards of this office.

Baez: Why don't people get killed in high end spas or nice handbag stores:
Danny: What fun would that be?

Blue Bloods Quotes

Eddie: Other than your parents, who is the most influential person in your life and why?
Jamie: Joe, because he encouraged me to go for what I really want, instead of what other people wanted for me. I think he recognized that I spend a lot of time trying to make other people happy.
Eddie: Not in this partnership.

Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.