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Megan: Peter, you get to shoot us.
Peter: Oh, my dream come true.

Aiden; The next time someone calls me with a broken sprinkler, I hope you'll understand.

The sooner I get to them, the sooner they can move on.


I could say no but it seems a little to early to be lying to you.


It almost makes me long for the days that you were in charge.


Who would have ever thought there was a despot lurking in the big soft gooey body of Curtis?


Ethan, can you see how hard I'm not laughing right now?


That's the old chief. This is how the new chief rolls.


Peter: Oh was it that bad?
Megan: No, it was that good.

Ethan: I'm the peanut butter to your jelly. The Hall to your Oates.
Curtis: The pimple on my behind.

Your going to kick back in the man cave as a woman rots in the wall?


Please tell me you have a crime scene for me or else you're just here to annoy me.

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Body of Proof Season 2 Quotes

Curtis: I'm glad somebody's in bed with the right people.
Megan: We all have our talents.

Peter: Is your paresthesia acting up again?
Megan: No, my mother is.