Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn nine nine
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Amy: Don't say money because I know you're in debt.
Jake: Well, if you really knew me, you'd say crushing debt

My doctor said that if the bullet was a fraction to the left and two feet up, it would have hit my brain!


Welcome to the Boyle-Free Zone. Please turn off all cellphones so as not to attract attention.


Charles: She’s live tweeting the whole thing.
Holt: She live tweets everything. Ruined Downton Abbey for me.

You look like a Boyz II Men Easter alb


Space is scary! You saw what it did to Sandy Bullock!

Doug Judy

Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac.


It’s a safe house, son!! You’ve been protected!


Ugh, she never smiles. Is her mouth broken!?


The Freestyle Killer. Man! How comes all the killers you caught had such cool names?! The best name I ever brought in was “Narrow-Shoes Sam.”


Holt: I think you’re right.
Jake: Wait – what?!

Holt: The next time someone threatens to kill me, I’ll come straight to you.
Amy: Thank you sir. I can’t wait.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes

Holt: I know you'd all rather be at home binge-watching media content...
Jake: Ohhh! I just started the second season of "Media Content". No spoilers.

“The Squad” is the best book I ever read, and I’ve read 15 books.