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Madeline: What the hell is going on here?
Nate: I am helping a friend find a car Ma.
Madeline: And you have to dress like a funeral director?

Michael: I will go in and do this quietly.
Fiona: Well if that doesn't work, we will come in to make some noise.

Michael: I will call Jesse and tell him we don't need a water saw.
Natalie: You should invite him to come to lunch, he is moody but cute, right?
Fiona: He's busy.

Jesse: He is a good friend, I hate playing him like that.
Sam: Yep, I know how you feel. You know what always cheers me up? Stealing a chemical weapon from a bunch of crazy South Americans.

Jesse: You know this psycho?
Natalie: What they didn't tell you about me? I am hurt!

Can we do some recon that doesn't involve waving a gun around like a crazy person?


Michael: Time to go, Sam.
Sam: I ever tell you that you are the reason I drink Mikey?

Michael: These are exactly like the pair I lost, how did you...
Madeline: It's called shopping, we all have our strengths. Now go do what you do.

Sam: Jesse, you just...
Jesse: Yeah, I know. Sometimes you have to put the rabid dog down.

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