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Beckett:Very Butch Castle
Castle:I know right.

I tried to stay in the car I really did.

Castle:(singing)Pa na na na na na na na Pa na na na na na.

Ryan:Deep fried twinkie?
Castle:'Fraid so.

Castle:Do I detect a hint of jealousy?
Beckett:In your dreams Castle.
Castle:No in my dreams your never jealous you just join in.
*Beckett shoves doughnut in Castles mouth*

Oh somebody's been watching to many Bruckhiemer Films.

Oh so many layers to the Beckett onion however will you peel them all.


Beckett:Did you know they call you the White Whale?
Castle:The White Whale? Not Moby D

Esposito:Nice dress.
Beckett:I would let you borrow it Esposito but you stretched out the last one

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