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Beckett:Detective Kate Beckett NYPD
Castle:Richard Castle just NY

Castle:Nice Guy I can see why it wouldn't work though.
Beckett:oh ya?
Castle:Ya. handsome, strong jawed, rule follower.
Beckett:and that's a bad thing?
Castle:Ya he's the male version of you. Ying needs Yang not another ying. Ying Yang is harmony Ying Ying is a name for a panda.

Oh I knew he was arrogant but this! this!... oh... wow.


Castle:Whoa shot to soon.
Beckett:That's okay. We can always just cuddle Castle.
Castle:Oo funny and a smile

Beckett:Castle. are you having a breakdown?
Castle:not a breakdown a breakthrough... I really am ruggedly handsome aren't I.
Beckett:I'm waiting for the breakthrough

Castle:Until tomorrow detective Beckett.
Beckett:Can't you just say night?
Castle:I'm a writer night is boring... until tomorrow is more hopeful.
Beckett:ya well I'm a cop. night.

I will have you know that those ice skates were awesome.


Castle:We could always have coffee together, you know debrief each other
Beckett:Why Castle so I can be another one of your conquests?
Castle:or I could be one of yours.
Beckett:It was nice to have met you Castle.
Castle:To bad it would have been great.
Beckett:You have no idea.

Castle:Promise not to hate me
Beckett:I already hate you.
Castle:Fair enough

Call me a muse again and I will break both your legs -k-


Beckett:She's naked.
Castle:She's not naked, she is holding a gun... strategically.

Beckett:You wanna talk about something how about the cover for your new novel?
Castle:Nikki Heat cover art? but that's only available.. OH my god you subscribe to my website!?

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Castle Season 1 Quotes

This isn't one of your books, Castle!


Kate: Are you here to annoy me?
Castle: I'm here for the story.