Chicago Fire

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Chicago fire
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Look at you, all lit up light a Christmas tree.


Boden: Hey, act right.
Mouch: Copy that, chief.

Michael Jackson couldn't handle those.


Hermann: Just be careful.
Boden: For what?
Hermann: Don't replace a kid you lost with a kid you can't save.

You know what I'm thankful for? Two families, and not many people can say that.


Not to sound like my father in law, but this is what's wrong with America.


If saving a kid's life is now a criminal offense then maybe it's your damn protocol that's out of whack, and the wrong people are making the rules.


Enjoy it while you can, this is entrapment.


Casey: Are you drunk, Chief?
Boden: Yeah...a little.
Casey: I'll be joining you momentarily!
Boden: Good! Glad to hear it.

Just hanging on for dear life.


On behalf of the Paramedics Association of America, I offer my sincerest apologies for the forceful actions I exhibited here today.


You keep saying that, yet in the same breath you tell me my job is on the line.

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Chicago Fire Quotes

Hey! One hand on the beam, Cal, and I don't care if you're carrying a cow! Men die when they relax!


Wow, this is bad bad bad.

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