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Jules: I would like some of that fancy wine.
Ellie: Do it Wayne.
Jules: Oh no! I brought my own glass. It's big Carl. Fill em up.

(to Ellie) That's why I love you. Because you are so comfortable in your own skin.


(to Trav) If you're with the right gal, it's all about creating the moment.


Bobby: It's raining Kirstens?
Grayson: My Kirstonas?

(to Ellie) Stop right there! Girlfriends don't talk about each other behind their backs. (Laughter breaks out)


Trav: Guys! Can I ask you a relationship question?
Jules: No one will ever love you as much as I do.

(to Jules) I'm feeling good about Jayson. It's Grayson and Jules. I combined our names like the way they do with celebrity couples.

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