Cougar Town

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Cougar town
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Jules: Hey - why'd you do that?
Grayson: Why not?

Jules: You work that hoes b**ch.
Grayson: You're weird Jules.
Jules: Weird like a fox.

Are you stealing the plot of Erin Brockovich?


I'm gonna otter the hell out of you.


This one needs it - she holds on like an otter trying to break open a clam.


It feels like you are putting out a real relationshipy vibe.


Grayson: Shall we?
Jules: Indeed!

Two for two!


Andy: Stop - it's just a tiny thing.
Ellie: That's what he said!
Andy: You ruined it. You ruined my gift!

Andy: It's never that hard for me.
Jules: That's what he said!

Laurie: I feel like people respect my ideas more when they think they came out of magazines.
Ellie: No.

Making coffee for my friends - that's what they like in the morning.

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