Larry: (on Susie's sweatshirts) Not quite my cup of tea, but, you know, it's nice.
Susie: Fuck you, and fuck your tea!
Larry: What?
Susie: Whoever said you had taste, Mr. Hushpuppy-rumpled-suit look?

Ben: You don't even shake my hand the first time I see you.
Larry: You had snot on your hand. You'd just sneezed.
Ben: That was a dry sneeze, Larry.
Larry: I can't asume dry. I gotta assume wet.

An hour. In and out. Done. Boobs. Genius!


I'd like to tell my wife I look like Brad Pitt, but unfortunately, she can see.


Larry: (on his dancing) It looks more effortless, maybe.
Ben: It does look like less effort.

(sarcastic) For the first time in a century, tell me something that's really bugging you.


Anna Nicole Smith. She's got some pair of knockers on her, huh?


Larry: He said "no gifts."
Susie: Nobody means that. You took that seriously?

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