Larry: How long do you think I'd want to do that for?
Jeff: I don't know? All night long, I would assume.
Larry: It gets boring, come on.
Jeff: Fucking's boring?!

(to Cheryl) How's your vagina?

Wandering Bear

Larry: I waved to a guy in a Prius and he didn't wave back.
Jeff: I don't wave to people in the same car as me.
Larry: We're Prius drivers; we're a special breed.

Betty Dusenberry: This is from the Davids. Oh, a doll.
Larry: It's a mulatto.

(goading Wanda) I need a black man to get my car! Is there a black man in the area who wants to take my valet ticket?


Masasa: We don't really use "mulatto" anymore.
Larry: I was wondering about that, if that was a bad one.
Masasa: Yeah, it's a bit outdated. But if we all keep fucking each other, then we're all gonna be the same race sooner or later anyways.
Larry: Let's pray for that.

(to doctor) What have you been doing, stealing your magazine collection from garbage cans? I have never seen such a collection of shit in my life. They're all four years old, those things.


Wanda: Do you think a black man would want that piece of shit?
Larry: "Piece of shit?" How dare you?
Wanda: That's a little toy car. No black man don't want a toy car.

(on a black basketball player's penis) They could put the Chicago fire out with this.

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