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Lorenzo: So what does the other side of the world look like?
Leonardo: Different.
Lorenzo: You ever consider staying? Leaving all this behind?
Leonardo: And miss all the fun?

Leonardo: I owe Verrocchio everything I am. So unless you are willing to help me find the man who killed him, I suggest you get out of my way.
The Turk: This death, it has already changed you.
Leonardo: Your quest has changed me.

You must beware of the labyrinth. Beware of the enemies of man, they are everywhere.

Caterina da Vinci

Welcome home artista. I wondered when Florence's famed war engineer would turn up. Not quite the challenge I expected.

Duke Federico

Leonardo my dearest, I was betrayed. I could not keep The Book of Leaves here. The only way you will find its location is if you give up your quest for me.

Leo's mother

My visions foretell your deaths will please our Gods and they will reward us with The Book of Leaves.


The engineering is amazing. No wonder that the natives believed that their land was visited by Gods.


The Gods created different thresholds with deadly challenges to guard The Vault of Heaven.


Leonardo: I know the hand of this painter.
The Abyssinian: Painted sometime around 1502 it is said. La Gioconda, the Mona Lisa.

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